Gatchapon on the iPhone

Gachakon - iToy Capsule

Gachakon - iToy Capsule

I recently joined the world of Apple and iPhones when my iPhone 4 arrived last week after only about 3 weeks on the waiting last.

As a newbie to IPhones I’ve been frantically downloading every free app possible. My favourite one so far is a gatchapon simulator for the iPhone, iToy Capsule (or Gachakon in Japanese) from Studio Kura.

It’s a Japanese game but instructions etc are in English. Every 10 minutes you get ¥100 to drag into the slot and turn the handle. You can “win” a collection of figures, musical drums and even mini-games. The tetris is just weird and pointless but the card pairs game kills a few minutes.

I haven’t collected everything yet, and it’s the only app I go back to 2,3 times a day and even have to let my wife and a guy at work have a go each day.

Highly recommended!

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Mun-Keat LooiAugust 1st, 2010 at 7:07 am

OMG, this is ace! Totally downloading it now!

SilentjimAugust 1st, 2010 at 10:22 pm

It was just updated recently with 10 more prizes!

The gatchapon that just keeps on giving 🙂

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