Beware of Wild Boars

Not far from where we live is a small “mountain” called Rokko Mountain (or Rokko San in Japanese). It’s a very pretty mountain home to lots of wild animals including Wild Boars.
(Our local newletter recently had a guide on what to do if you come across wild monkeys too).

Around our city, especially near the mountain area you can see signs for “Danger – Wild Boars”.
Here’s a picture of a cute wild boarlet (???) we saw while hiking in the mountain last year.

Wild Boar

Wild Boar

The other day a leaflet came through our door for windows and doors, and in the bottom corner was an advert for “Pet Doors” (cat-flaps as we generally call them in England). But this isn’t just any old catflap (for ¥18,000 £135!), oh no, this one keeps out Wild Boars!
Boar Flap

Boar Protector

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