More Star Wars Gachapon

Went to the cinema in Nishinomiya yesterday to see “The Box” – pretty weird and strangely sexist, what is it with women and pressing buttons?

Anyway while we were there Aki discovered a new Star Wars capsule toy (Gachapon) machine!

Chewbacca Sound Egg

Chewbacca Sound Egg

Sound Eggs!
Basically you push the button (buttons again!) and Chewie Roars!
Or as it says on the instruction sheet: “Rrrooaarrgghh!

I was actually hoping for Han Solo, so I guess I’ll have to try again next time.
Here’s a list of the eggs to collect:
Darth Vader : Hoooo-pah
Han Solo : I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
Death Star Battle : Whoosh! Boom!
Lightsaber Duel : Buzzzzzz. Clash!
Chewbacca : Rrrooaarrgghh!
Yoda : May the Force be with you.

Updated 22/06/10 : Went back tot he cinema last weekend to see IronMan 2 (excellent), and the Star Wars Gachapon machine has gone!! Gutted.

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