Ashiya Festival and the Pizza Selling Stormtrooper

It’s Cherry Blossom Viewing (Hanami) time in Japan at the moment (well to be honest, it’s over now, but it was a couple of weeks ago), and this means sitting under cherry blossoms, drinking sake, wine or whatever and also, the first festivals of the year (for me anyway).

Ashiya Festival 2010

Ashiya Festival 2010

(Strangely this photo is almost identical to the one I took at last years Festival – must change my snapping position for next year)
The other weekend was Ashiya Festival, which I love as:
a) It’s up the road.
b) It has wine, sake, beer and food stalls.
c) It has little old ladies selling junk for charity at ridiculously cheap prices.
d) Live Bluegrass music

Don’t ask me why, but country and bluegrass music is very popular in this city it seems. Last year they had the guy who wrote the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack play.

This year though there was an extra special surprise…
Pizza Selling Stormtrooper

Fancy a pizza?

A pizza selling stormtrooper!
He’s from the Japanese Garrison of the 501st Legion apparently – what do you mean you didn’t know such a thing existed?

Well I couldn’t not get my picture taken with him could I…

Stormtrooper And I

Stormtrooper And I

I love the face the guy behind him is pulling – got a bit of yakitori stuck or something?

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