Wonderstuff Hup! 21st Anniversary Live CD

It’s been 21 years since The Wonderstuff released the legendary (in my opinion) album HUP! in 1989, which I spent vast amounts of my teenage years listening to and tryin gt oplay (with limited success) on my guitar.

They’re actually on e of the bands I’ve seen most live along with The Cure and bizarrely Ozric Tentacles (bizarrely as although I was a fan I wasn’t obsessive and seemed to end up seeing them live more by accident than anything else, and who seemed to be constantly playing at my university back in the day).

Anyway to celebrate the anniversary the Stuffies plated a special gig at the O2 Academet in Birmingham back in December 2009 where they played the entire album (in the track order they wanted it to be, not the track order on the album according to Miles Hunt).

Unfortunately, being in Japan, I was unable to go, and I haven’t seen them since, I dunno, 2004 perhaps, and I was unable to get to Tokyo when they played in Japan last year either. Luckily they recorded and filmed the gig and have just released a 3CD box set (CD, DVD and Iphone disc) of the event.

As an extra special treat, the first 1000 pre-orders from NyQuest got their name on the packaging so imagine my cheeky grin when this arrived in the post last week…

Hup Live

Hup Live

After frantically scanning the 1000 names, on the second run through with my hopes flagging I found my name centre stage (well, not quite…) in the middle fold.


(And it’s a good gig too).

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