A Cupboard Full of Beans

One of the things (food related) I miss most about England while living in Japan, apart from British sausages and jam doughnuts, is baked beans!

Oh, how I love beans on toast, or a full English breakfast (with the sausages) and beans.

You can’t buy beans here. Well you can buy the American pork’n’ beans or a Malaysian variation on baked beans, but they’re pricey and just not the same thing.

Every time we go back to England or someone comes to visit, half the suitcases are filled up with tins of Heinz.

Well imagine my excitement when one of our local supermarkets started stocking a Waitrose range last week!
Aki rushed out and bought half their stock…

Waitrose Baked Beans

Waitrose Baked Beans

And at only ¥140 (£1) pretty cheap (for an imported food in Japan).

So now we have a cupboard full of beans – we actually had more, but had Beans on Toast for our dinner on Friday night, ah, bliss.

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