Valentines Dinner in Ashiya and Bennys Burger

Last Sunday Aki and I went to igrek Bellport, a posh French restaurant near Ashiya Marina – where the rich types in Ashiya park their yachts.

It’s a little pricey but well worth it with a selection of fantastic French food.

Fish Starter

Fish Starter

It’s a little unfair to be calling the above creation a fish starter but it was predominately fish and did appear quite near the start of our many coursed meal (we started with a few oysters just to warm the appetite up).
Then came some soup thing (wasn’t a big fan of that, the it was layered, the top part tasting like Heinz vegetable soup – delicious – but the bottom part was an unusual brown swirly texturey thing which I left).
The two mains (for there were two), were more fish and then…



Admittedly a small portion (this was a French restaurant!) but delicious!

We finished with a raspberry, creamy dessert thing (I should be a food critic shouldn’t I!)




Last time we went here (as I say it’s a bit pricey so we only make it once a year on special occasions, the last was our first wedding anniversary), they were doing wine by the glass and we had some great Pinot Noirs from Australia, but this time they’d got rid of the wine by the glass menu and only had a small selection the waiter would choose for you.

Apart from that minor disappointment, it was a very relaxing two hours and a great meal.

Speaking of great food, the day before I found Benny’s Burgers in Motomachi (if you’re ever in Kobe, head to Motomachi and walk down the market under the train tracks – keep going past the clothes shops, then past the otaku toy shops, then past the random junk/antique/closed up shops, keep going till you get nearly right to the end, then…) the best burgers in Kobe!
(Assuming you discount Kobe Steak burgers – if they sell such things).

Freshly cooked, greasy, messy, tasty burgers that completely disintegrate in the bun – a fork would have been handy for eating it – best described as “Disgustingly Delicious“. And pretty cheap too.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re a burger lover and in Kobe.

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