The Never Ending Dentist

Vampire Tooth

Vampire Tooth

When I first came to Japan I heard numerous horror stories from gaijin teachers at Nova about the awful Japanese dental service and it’s stone age practices – I had images of being given wooden false teeth like in Elizabeathen times.

And if anyone’s seen the state of some Japanese people’s teeth in general, you’ll see why I believed these stories (they make English teeth look like Hollywoods best).

Some Nova teachers talked about going to Korea or other asian countries for the weekend just to buy a cheap bespoke suit and get their teeth fixed!

Well, my experience has been pretty good in comparison, (although I’ve only been to one dentist, I’m sure there are bad ones out there), with it’s hi-tech equipment, video displays, anaesthetic syringes that play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as they’re injecting you, etc, etc.

However one complaint is, they take so damn long!

I’ve just came back from my 6th! visit to the dentist in the past couple of months for some root canal treatment.
That’s 6 times I’ve been there while he’s drilled around, played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and temporarily filled the hole in my tooth and sent me home for a week or two.

I’ve been told that the reason for this is they only book you in for 30 minute sessions (so they can see more people in one day).
Which is good in some ways, as it’s always quicker to be seen by a doctor or dentist in Japan than it is in England, but you just have to see them more often!

(The picture is of a different tooth incident where I chipped my tooth on the way to a Franz Ferdinand gig in Osaka while climbing over a fence – that was fixed in one go! A miracle. A week later I chipped a back tooth and root canal treatment commenced…)

Each time I think it will be the last, and each time I come home disappointed.
He even showed me the false tooth he was preparing to fill in the hole with today, then proceeded to just “prepare” for it.

Going back in two weeks. Again.

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