Fame in Japan – not quite

The other week we went to Rokko Island – a man-made island next to Kobe (where our local cinema is/was), for the last time as it’s closed down at the end of January 🙁

We saw “Where the Wild Things Are” which I highly recommend! A great movie, much more entertaining and a more rounded, emotionally movie than Avatar.

Anyroad up, while we were there we visited a “hand craft” market and ended up buying a couple of leather bracelets.
The guy running the store was so excited (well, maybe not excited, but kind of happy) to have an Englishman buying his goods (usually only Americans and Japanese) he took a photo of us and posted it on his blog…

Not a great photo, unfortunately, but a tiny bit of fame 😉

Apparently he writes he was happy to have an English customer even if it was only for ¥480! (Actually it was ¥1000 for the two I think, but he did give us a nice discount!).

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