Augmented Reality Tattoos

Not sure if I’m overly struck with this whole Augmented Reality thing yet (for those that don’t know, you point a web camera at a pre-determined shape – usually something simple like a square or a letter, then visit a website and something appears animated on the shape – ok, that’s a very simplistic explanation but you maybe get the idea).

Maybe I’m getting old, but it seems like a lot of effort – Mendokusai as we say in Japan. But it’s early days so who knows 5 years time it might be just like Star Trek or Minority Report or something.
I usually love new gadgets and stuff – would love an Ipad, even the Kindle is wantable. (I think I just made up a word).

Anyway, found this today on YouTube and was fairly impressed – although you do have to spend most of your life with a square tattooed on your arm, explaining to people what it is, etc,etc.

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