Susan Boyle in Japan on New Years Eve

I’ve talked about New Years in Japan before and the traditional four hour long singing competition between the girls and boys on NHK, Kouhaku Uta Gassen 紅白歌合戦, but this was a little bit special as the girls had a ringer on their team…someone who could sing!
Ms Susan Boyle.
(Apologies for any j-pop fans, but lets face it the girls team are generally awful but very cute, whereas the boys team tend to pull in a few singers along the way).

Susan Boyle and Kimuraku (from SMAP)

Susan Boyle and Kimutaku (from SMAP)

Here she is with Kimuraku kun from legendary Japanese boy band SMAP (they basically rule Japan pop music, appearing on every tv show, advert, poster and recently movies).

I felt a little bit sorry for him, as he came on (with translators behind them) buy he asked his first question (“How do you like Japan?” or something) in English…and good English it was too. But she didn’t understand him and the translator had to repeat it.
It got a laugh from the audience, and he switched back to Japanese – according to the Japanese papers the next day he was pretty annoyed about it.

Mind you, SuBo was probably very nervous and not expecting him to speak English, so I guess wasn’t really listening and waiting for the translator.

She sang I Dreamed a Dream and very nice it was too.
Apparently, her section got the highest tv ratings of the show, and she’ll be back later in the year to tour (or something).

Other excitement on the show (for me) was the mini-reunion of Monkey Magic! With Monkey (Masaaki Sakai) and Piggsy (Toshiyuki Nishida) appearing on stage together (apparently they’ve both hosted the show in the past, and on another SMAP/Monkey related note the recent remakes and movies have starred one of the other SMAP members, Shingo Katori).

Piggsy on the left, and Monkey 2nd from right

Piggsy on the left, and Monkey 2nd from right

Other highlights were Kobayashi Sachiko (who always appears in ridiculously elaborate dresses) singing on the outstretched palm of a buddha like statue of herself…

Kobayashi Sachiko

Kobayashi Sachiko

and this band, who I don’t know who they are, but the band members were attached to lots of balloons and the lead singer had a bird cage attached to her dress…

Nice Balloons

Nice Balloons


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Olivia SmithMay 6th, 2010 at 11:00 am

I have seen the performance of Susan Boyle and it is never short of excellent. Definitely one of the best voices out there. –

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