Muse Live in Osaka 9th Jan 2010

Just last Saturday we went to see Muse live at Osaka Castle Hall (that’s not actually the hall in the castle, which would have been v. cool, but the concert hall about half a mile away in the surrounding park).

I remember buying the first Muse album when it came out years ago and liking it a lot, but then kinda lost interest in them. So the week before the gig we bought that album again and their new one The Resistance. Figured I should catch up.

To be honest, didn’t get the new album at first, it seemed to much of an homage/pastiche of T-Rex, Marilyn Manson, Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Queen.

However that all changed during the gig!

Muse Live in Osaka 2010

Muse Live in Osaka 2010

However they nearly blew it.

One of the odd things about gigs in Japan which I might have mentioned before is that they always start really early.
The doors for this gig opened at 4:30 and the band were due to be on at 6pm.
In England we’re kinda used to bands going on about 9ish (and usually being late).
Well here, if a band is due on at 6 then they come on at 6. It’s the Japanese way.

At 6:30 we were still waiting. Suddenly an announcement came over the tannoy:

The band have just left the hotel and are on their way.
They aplogise for being late.
And will be on stage at 7pm.

Murmers of disbelief filled the venue.

“Bloody English”

(Actually that was me saying that).

Any road up, they came in about 7:10 and the drummer tried to apologise in Japanese (he was reading it off a piece of paper). Good effort.

They then launched into a blinding set which completely made up for their earlier “rudeness”.

Halfway through, Matthew – the frankly phenomenal guitarist (I was so impressed!) and singer – wandered off and we were left with a bass and drum interlude.
Usually this is the time to head to the bar although not with Muse. The bass player, Christopher Wolstenholme, is a fantastic bass player, and together they played a fantastic tune.
It reminded me of the section in Alex James of Blur’s autobiography where he’s talking about working with Flood (I think it was) and how getting the drums and bass right first sets up the song and everything else just falls into place.
This particular tune didn’t need anything else. Fantastic.

Overall a great gig and listening to the album last night on the way home from the pub, I now love the T-Rex, Marilyn Manson, Pink Floyd, Queen homage!

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Premier Team InternationalFebruary 5th, 2010 at 3:57 pm

yes I’ve heard Muse’s live shows are amazing. they are coming to where I live in April (Utah) and I’m hoping that I can go! Its about $100 for the nosebleed sections though! dang! the new album is amazing though. was a bit skeptical and actually wasn’t going to buy it, but I did on a whim and I’m SO glad I did. “Guiding Light” is probably now my favorite Muse song.

Joe PhilippsSeptember 25th, 2011 at 10:54 pm

I heard some of the music from the rockband Muse and it was pretty amazing. I do have their first album the “Black Holes and Revelations ” and still looking for their other album.

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