Dude, You’re Shaving my Forehead!

Just came back from a visit to the hairdressers, and an interesting experience it was too.

I’ve mentioned in the past about unusual barber practices in Japan such as shaving peoples faces (all of their face!), so I always decline when they offer a shave.

However I’ve started going to a new, trendier barbers in a vain effort to get a better style of haircut – it’s not working out so far!
Amongst all the other special treatment like a brief massage/hitting of the shoulders at the end, there is the usual offer of a shave.

Well today, I decided to risk it.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

It all looked fine until he put shaving cream on my forehead!

Then he asked me what I wanted done with my eyebrows.
I had images of me walking home like Whoopi Goldberg, so I politely told him to leave them well enough alone.

I’ve never been shaved by anyone before, not even in England, and never used a cut-throat razor myself. I have to say, it was quite a nice experience, especially enhanced by the ever present (in Japan) steam blower.

They really go in for the powerful, healing effects of steam here, as my visits to the ear hospital have shown, and while shaving me today, I was covered in a soothing wave of steam.

So now my forehead is all hairless and smooth – pretty sure it was before but maybe not.

Hopefully it’s not going to grow back thicker than before!
I could have started a never ending cycle!

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