Are you sure that’s Juice?

I had my yearly medical checkup last month and suffice to say the results came back and weren’t too good.
I’m fat according to the Japanese medical profession.

METABO” it said in big letters (it’s what they call Metabolic Syndrome).

(Although the criteria they use to define Metabo is a lot stricter than in England and the US, there I’d be alright…(well, I like to believe that anyway).

A girl at work had just done a 3day “Fasting” diet she called it, but basically you only drink vegetable juice for 3 days, with no food. Guaranteed to lose weight.

So I thought I’d give that a go…

First day was fine, hungry obviously, but no big problems. I was drinking the vegetable juice from the supermarket and it was all very pleasant.

Day two, Aki offered to make one of the “official” diet juice recipes (lots of cabbage, spinach, half a banana and soy milk).

Unfortunately we don’t have a juicer…only a mixer…so after some straining through a sieve we got…

Juice or Soup?

Juice or Soup?

Is that juice? Or soup?

Truth be told, despite the unusual (rough) texture, it actually didn’t taste that bad (I put some ice cubes in it to water it down a bit).

The third day I went back to the vegetable juice from a bottle, but after having a two day headache and absolutely no strength anymore, I crumbled and gave up on the third (and last day)!

Tucked in to some good old tomato soup and toast that evening!
I managed to lose nearly 3 kilo though!

Now in the process of putting it all back on 😀

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