Nova Crimelord Monkey Bridge in the Dock

Finally, after about 18months since Nova (the English conversation school in Japan) collapsed due to, shall we say, mis-management of funds, the arch villain of the piece, Monkey Bridge (Nozomu Sahashi) is on trial for “Professional embezzlement involving misuse of the reserve funds og an employees’ mutual aid organization”.

Which is basically a convoluted way of saying, he stole employees wages and rent from one company (Nova) and put the money in his own company.

When the trial started apparently he apologised to staff and teachers (many of whom had to leave Japan and go back to their home country, some of whose only experience of Japan is working for 2 months for no wages while eating cup noodles every day, before calling home for financial help for a flight home), and said he’d done nothing wrong.

Now the prosectors are after 5 years jail time, he’s changed his tune a bit and is now saying he’s fully responsible and will try to pay back the money.

He’s also claiming that it was all one of his sub-ordinates ideas (to steal the cash) and he (Monkey Bridge) always intended to pay it back.

The ruling is expected at the end of August, and I’m hoping for a little jail time for the man. (Not that I hold a grudge at all đŸ™‚ )

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