Shinkansen to Tokyo

The other week I had to go to Tokyo for a business trip, which meant I had to take the early bullet train (shinkansen), and get up at the ungodly hour of 4:30am!

I wrote this on the train on that morning:

Waiting for the 6:32 am bullet train to Tokyo. I’m surprised at how many trains there are to Tokyo and West at this time of the morning.

About every 8 minutes a train sees to depart like a normal rush hour but 2 hours early (I guess all the salarymen need to be in Tokyo for the 9 o’clock meeting start time).

As the Nozomi train pulls in with its absurdly long sloping nose it arrives like something literally from the future. Perfectly smooth and sleek like a white tube with port-holes.

It pulls in and you’re just greeted with white sides of the train (perfectly proportioned so you can see none of the engines from where you’re standing on the platform), the door slides open and you step in.

The inside is deceptively spacious. More leg room than a Business Class flight, with wide aisles (seats are 2 and then 3 across) and wide enough seasts for maybe even a Sumo wrestler.

But the most impressive aspect has to be the smooth, quiet engine. Almost imperceptible, just the relaxing click of the train tracks which soon vanishes as you leave the station area.

Quieter than a car and as smooth as a monorail. Lovely.

And the best thing…about 2 and a half hours later, it pulls in to Tokyo station at exactly the time stated on the ticket. Not a minute early or late.

Well, all I can say is, my prose is a lot more flowery at 6:30 am.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of the train, but did take this shot of my bento (boxed meal) I had on the way back.
Tasted quite nice too.

Bento on the Bullet Train

Bento on the Bullet Train

oh, and in case you’ve ever wondered what a Japanese Business Hotel room looks like (a businesss hotel is a cheap, no frills, tiny hotel room for travelling salarymen – but a good cheap alternative for tourists too!)
Japanese business hotel

Japanese business hotel

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