USJ and ET

We were shocked to discover that Universal Studios Japan were closing down the ET ride in May after 20 or so years!
Guess he was finally going home (ahem)

Well we had to check it out one more time – mainly for the bit near the end when he says your name (you have to tell it to an assistant at the beginning of the ride, who stores it in some barcodey card thing).

I wanted him to say “Terry Swails” – a character from A Bit of Fry and Laurie – although I’ve just found out he also does weather on the internet at

Anyway, back to USJ…so I said “Terry Swails” to the Japanese girl at the counter, but the poor girl had no idea what I was saying so we ended up with “Te—reee”.

Which was nice to hear EeeeeTeeee say.

The weather wasn’t too good so the park was fairly empty, just 15minutes queue time for Spiderman and the Hollywood Dream roller coaster (where you get to listen to The Beatles as you roller coaster along), but everyone was also saying goodbye to ET so that queue was about an hour.

No idea what they’re going to replace it with but hope it’s as much fun as the Munchkin Merry-Go-Round in the Land of Oz

The Munchkin Merry Go Round

The Munchkin Merry Go Round

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