Kayaking and a Bit of Raw Meat

Just last weekend we finally got around to trying out the kayaking down at Ashiya Marina.

For those that don’t know, Ashiya is on the sea and although it’s not like a beachy resort type of place (as there are a lot of factories around), it does have a couple of beaches, although swimming in the sea is not recommended.

Down at the Marina they have subsidised canoeing and yachting, so you can rent a kayak for 1hour for about £2 (¥350), which is a pretty good deal.

I had canoed when I was a teenager, but never in a kayak, and it was Aki’s first time, so just a little bit nervous. Especially seeing as it was out in the sea bay.

After a quick lesson on how to paddle we were told to pick a kayak and take it to the edge of the water. Not realising there was any other option I got in and appeared to have picked the Japanese, lady size canoe. I could jam one leg in, the other was sticking out painfully. This did my balance a world of good and after a minute or so of me desperately trying to keep my balance and not go under, while an old guy was shouting “Put your legs in“, and me shouting back “Muri!” (impossible), I scrambled back to the shore and managed to prise myself out of the miniatue canoe.

They very kindly then helped me find a gaijin sized boat, and off I went again. This time, perfectly balanced and kayaking like a pro (not a pro kayaker mind, maybe a pro wrestler, or a professional computer programmer, something like that).

There then followed a very pleasant 90 minutes paddling about in the sea. We’re planning on doing it again, maybe a couple of times a month. 🙂


As part of the Japanese governments plan to boost economy in the on going financial crisis, everyone in Japan (including foreign residents, which is nice) are being given ¥12000 each to spend. Well, like about 60odd percent of Japanese people (according to a survey in the paper), we spent one half of the cash on a slap up meal at a yakiniku (bbq) restaurant!

And marvellous it was too.

I even tried some raw beef mixed with raw egg…

Raw Beef and Egg

Raw Beef and Egg

looks nice huh? 😉
Actually I only had a tiny spoonful, I wasn’t that brave, although it did taste quite nice, but only in small amounts I think.
Here’s me sampling it…
Me Eating Raw Beef

Me Eating Raw Beef

Looking at the photo, I’m not sure what’s worse, me eating raw meat, or the shocking Christian Slater, batman cowl, hairstyle I’m developing. When did that start receding so much??

Anyway, here’s another picture of probably the best meat of the evening, misuji (I think), it’s part of the shoulder, and it just melts in the mouth.

Misuji (I think)

Misuji (I think)

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