Nova News : Monkey Bridge Was Innocent!

I just discovered in the newspaper today, that my old boss, Monkey Bridge from Nova was let off criminal charges last year by the Osaka police.

Don’t know where I was when that news was announced!

Apparently, syphoning off money from one company into another (that you own) is not an offence, as is taking about a third of employees wages to pay for the rent in their company accomodation but then not actually paying the landlords the rent, so when the company collapses there are lots of irate landlords demanding back rent that you’d already paid.

Or, convincing new comers to Japan to sign up for an insurance policy of an affiliated company that has no legal standing in Japan (in Japan everyone has to have some kind of medical insurance, usually from the government, the Nova policy, run by JMA in New Zealand, wasn’t recognised by the government), so when you are out of a job you have to back-pay insurance charges to the government.

This is not a criminal offence either.

Nor is conning thousands of Japanese students out of money through their very dubious small print in the contracts.

All not illegal.

I found out that this wasn’t illegal in the newspaper article this morning which said that a recent appeal review from court-connected citizens decided that it actually probably was illegal. Or ‘unjust’ as they put it.


Anyway, rant over, normal service will resume tomorrow.


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