My Wine Review Website

I love a bit of wine, and since I’ve been in Japan I’ve been keeping notes on the wine I drink (and taking the occasional photo).

We’ve been going nearly every week for 3 years to a great wine bar in Ashiya, Petit Emillion, so been trying different wines each week.

So, I decided to make a wine review website so I could keep track of what I drank, and liked and disliked, and then I thought, why not let other people sign up and keep track of what they like, dislike etc.

A couple of weeks ago it went ‘live’ as they say, so why not check it out if you have time (and like a tipple or two).

It’s at Wine Reviews (just click this link).

I’m in the process of adding a beer, whiskey and sake review section too, which should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

So please join (it’s free of course!), and start adding your own reviews or commenting on my (unprofessional) ones đŸ˜‰

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