Free Stuff

Haven’t updated in a while and lots to tell, but lets start with the bizarre free stuff you get given in Japan.

I may have mentioned this before, but companies love to give people free stuff either as advertising or incentives to join.

Tissues obviously, anyone who’s been to Japan knows everywhere you go people are handing you little packs of tissues with their company logo on. It was one of our jobs at Nova during the free lessons to put fliers in
these and pack them in bags for the staff to hand out at train stations.
My pockets are always crammed with them. Very useful.

Recently however I applied for a new credit card, and was given these goodies…

Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Now it may be difficult to make out what they are but it’s
a) A box of tissues (of course!)
b) A ¥500 book shop voucher 🙂
c) 2 Kitchen sponges (!!!! eh???)

Not sure the connection with banks and kitchen sponges but there you go.

Previously we have received crates of beer for subscribing to a newsaper, bags of rice from a bank, a bag of rice from an estate agent and some washing powder from another bank.

All very nice and useful, if a little random.

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