Ame Eye (American Idol) and JLPT

I don’t know, there’s no posts for ages then 2 come along at once, typical.

Japanese is an odd language. It has many levels of politeness (5 apparently) each having different words, of increasing complexity. Basically the more polite you are the longer the sentence or word. (Similar to English in some ways I guess although the words tend to stay the same length in English).

For example:

I have to go = Ikanakerebanarimasen. (Polite)
I have to go = Ikanakya (Not so polite)

Ikanakerebanarimasen is one of my favourite japanese words though and I try to use it as much as possible, it just flows so beautifully.

However when they “borrow” English words, they like to shorten them as, well I guess they’re “mendokusai” (troublesome).
For example:
Sandwich = Sando
McDonalds = Makudo (Maku in Osaka)
Kentucky Fried Chicken = Kenta
Brad Pitt = BraPee ( đŸ™‚ – didn’t know that one till just now)

And the current favourite on tv, American Idol = Ame Eye

Back to “real” Japanese. The JLPT results came back a few weeks ago…I was hoping for 40% after last years miserable 25%….48%!!!

Unbelievable! Not a pass, but still, very happy with that. Got 58% on the listening which is almost a pass.

Gives me hope for this years test in July (although should really start studying…been a bit lazy)

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