Lucky Bags!!!

At New Years shops, etc sell what are called Lucky Bags. Basically a closed bag containing who knows what, which you buy for a set price and hope to get lucky!

Similar to those bags you get at dodgy markets I guess, where the first one has something of value and all the rest have broken toasters or what not. (At least I assume that’s the scam). Anyway, these are not a scam, but like a New Years Blind Sale.

This year for the first time I bought one! In fact, I kinda bought two, but I’ll explain that later. The bags range from, I guess, 1000Yen up to 100,000Y or more in boutiques in Ginza, Tokyo, etc where you might find gold jewellery or something inside.

Well, we were wandering around the Ebisu festival in Nishinomiya the other week, and as well as all the food stalls they also have lots of game type things, like a fun fair in England. Darts, catching ducks, fish (live ones), lucky tickets, etc etc.

They also have these stores that have hundreds of PSP, PS3, DS games on display and lucky bag looking bags, supposedly with one of these games inside. This time (probably always), they were half price! Down to ¥500! Well, for £2 you got to haven’t you?

I scanned the bags, picked the one containing the best prize and….

My lucky DS game

My lucky DS game

eeehhh?? Where’s my Mario Kart? Will sport? anything?
A dodgy Rubiks cube (that broke as soon as I tried to move it, a piece just snapped off!) and shockingly a BB gun! The kid who bought a bag before me was probably about 6years old!

I’ve not had a BB gun before, think they’re illegal in England, but here they’re very popular and you can buy them easily. They have machine guns and all sorts. I tried it out later and managed to shoot my hand. Bloody hurt. Put that back in the box pretty quick.

Walking around a bit more, we came across an off license with Asahi Beer lucky bags! Now these were bound to be better – the guy promised us that there was at least ¥1000 (the price) of beer in there. So I tried my luck again…

Asahi Lucky Bag

Asahi Lucky Bag

Boy did I get lucky this time!
4 cans of beer, a beer glass, a box of curry, some tissues and…some clingfilm(?!). Result!

Gonna stick to the off license lucky bags in future, but have to wait till next year now…

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