New Sony Walkman (NW-S738F)

Sony Walkman NW-S738F

Sony Walkman NW-S738F

Thanks to my family, I got this new Sony Walkman MP3 player for Christmas đŸ™‚ Very cool it is too. And unbelievably light! About the same as a pound coin (or how I remember them to be).

Things move fast in Japan, I got Aki a Sony Walkman for her birthday in November, and went to buy the same one for myself, but it’s been discontinued already and a new version bought out. (A lighter version no less).

The design is v. cool as is the sound and ease of use. However, what I find weird, especially for an MP3 player, is, it doesn’t play MP3s! At least I can’t get it too.

The Japanese software won’t install on my English language pc so I tried to use Windows Media Manager to upload files. Everything was fine, found the device, uploaded to the walkman, and then…walkman doesn’t recognize them. Tried loads of different methods, seems the only way to get it to work is to use the Japanese SonicStage software. (The earlier, English version won’t even recognise the device!). Doh!

(And they’ve stopped making english versions it seems) Doh! Doh!

Bit annoying really as one of the reasons I didn’t buy an ipod is because i didn’t want to be tied to their format and itunes. Now it seems I have the same problem but with Sony. Why can’t they be like Creative Zen and just play mp3s???

Anyway, despite this, it’s very cool and it plays videos and everything. Well not everything as I just mentioned…doh! Put it does have a nice picture of me and the mrs in Bali wedding attire. Which is nice.

>> Addendum:
The English version of Media Manager does recognize the device but will only allow me to add photos, videos and podcasts (currently downloading Ricky Gervais’). So that’s nice too. Wonder why it won’t let you add music though?