And the Winner Is…

Wild Turkey Prize

Wild Turkey Prize

Every Saturday in the Daily Yomiuri (English language daily newspaper I get) they have a “giveaway”. This ranges from free tickets to museums (usually in Tokyo), restaurants, free calenders, books, etc.

I always look at these and think there’s no chance of winning, (as usually there’s only 1, 2 or 5 of these to be given away), but then it struck me, that everyone probably thinks this, so no-one probably enters.

Aha – I see a great opportunity here.

So since November I’ve been entering, nearly every week (I skip the free tickets to plays in Tokyo – as the cost of getting there would kind of defeat the object), I’ve applied for, amongst other things, a CNN Japan thermos mask, a calender of animals and some McDonalds vouchers.

Never heard anything…until yesterday! 🙂
This appeared in the post…

This was from way back in November! To be honest out of all the competition this is the one I wanted to win the most. Yatta!

So my theory was correct…gonna keep sending those postcards in.
Maybe I still have a chance with that animal calender too….

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