The Neatbeats Shangri-la Osaka Dec 20th

Last Saturday, checked out the Neatbeats at Shangri-la in Osaka (previously saw Scouting for Girls there – kinda different gig, especially in terms of numbers! This time I was definitely the only gaijin there).

For those not up on Tokyo based Rock’n’Roll bands, the Neatbeats are a Tokyo based Rock’n’Roll band. Replete with slicked back quiffs, smart black suits, skinny ties and speakers turned up to 11.

The Neatbeats

The Neatbeats

Apologies (as usual!) for the poor quality, but taken with my phone and they wouldn’t stop moving!

As I mentioned before I managed to pick up a couple of this lots cds at a market in Ashiya for about ¥100 (an absolute bargain!) – didn’t know them at the time but you have to buy an album called “Japanese Rock & Roll Attack” don’t you?!

And a great discovery they were. Just great, loud (it was almost as loud as the Dinosaur Jr gig from a couple of years ago – I liked rock’n’roll before, but the true impact is only felt at deafening volume!), classic rock – some of it in Japanese, some in English.

I was a bit surprised by the audience. Most seem to be late teens early 20s! Seems great tunes never lose their appeal.

The Neatbeats

The Neatbeats

They came out and just said “hello” (or “konbanwa”), then launched into about 5 non-stop crashing tunes. Just as I was thinking, they’re not a very talkative bunch, they stopped for a 10 minute comedy banter routine amongst the band, which had the audience in stitches.

This happened every 5 or 6 tunes. Hugely entertaining
(I even found myself laughing at times, surprised myself I could understand what they were saying – sometimes).

They went off then came back for a couple of encores. They went off again, the lights came on, people started to gather their stuff together and they came back and banged out another couple of tunes! About 2 hours in total. Marvellous.

Apparently they did about 140 odd gigs this year, so will definitely look out for them next year.

Wrote this blog while waiting for our taxi to arrive to take us to the airport so we can fly to Bali on our honeymoon 🙂 Hurry up!

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