No, Not my Ear Again!

Doh! Got hit by a cold last week, and then woke up Friday morning with a muffled right ear, again!
One week before my Japanese exam which includes a listening section. Bloody marvellous.

I don’t know if anyone has been reading this since last year, when I had my first encounter with the Japanese torture room ear, nose and throat clinic but I really didn’t want to go through that again.

Well we found a different clinic and got up early Saturday morning and headed there in the cold.

First impressions…much better! It wasn’t packed to the rafters with a conveyor belt system past the doctor, where he clamped your nose and stuck something in it, before moving on to the next one, so that was promising.

Didn’t have to wait for long before being called in (by my middle name – Japanese officials never know what to call me – as I have to write all my 3 names down on the form to match my health insurance card, so they don’t know which is which). I digress…I was called in, and then I saw it…the chair, the pipes, the chair with the nurse handing the doctor clamps and long stick things to stick up peoples noses.

I sat down and before I knew it, the nurse had given him a clamp and my nostril was clamped open and he was squirting stuff up there and rummaging around with the worlds longest nasal rummaging tool.

I managed to fight the urge to run screaming or punch him, and then it was over. Except then he wanted to stick something down my throat, which made me retch just as he pulled it out. Oh, he also put a metal cone in my ear and rummaged around that with a metal stick.

But the best bit was the Star Trek vibrating tool! The doctor put a metal disc on my head which vibrated. I had to tell him where it was vibrating (in my head – left, centre, or right). That was kinda fun.

Turns out I have an ear infection, but he wanted to find out where it came from (me, I think it was the cold…but…), so I had to undergo a range of amusing tests.

First, I had to sit in front of an old machine and put two rubber tubes in my nose while vapour was pumped in.

Next, the hearing test, in the small booth with the humming noise.
And then my favourite…the light bulb treatment! I had to hold a lightbulb close to each ear for about 2 minutes.

Finally another vapour tube for my throat.


I left with 7 different kinds of medicine 🙂

However, I love that doctor! After about 2 days my hearing came back and my cold has now gone 🙂 None of that 6 weeks of pain last time resulting in a man cutting open my ear drum! >:-[

I can hear again and am (not) ready for the JLPT test next week. Oh here’s a picture of the university the test is being held at in Nishinomiya.

University in Nishinomiya

University in Nishinomiya

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