Merry Kurisumasu and Yoi Otoshi O!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The New Years break is nearly upon us (New Years is big here, Christmas not so, everyone still works on that day). Although they do enjoy Kurisumasu, as I’ve mentioned before with
pizza delivery guys etc. dressing up as Santa, etc.

We’re having our Christmas in Bali this year for our honeymoon 🙂 but back in time to watch the 8 hour music extravaganza on New Years Eve and the trip to the shrine at midnight.

Gonna miss out on the traditional KFC Christmas dinner and cake. Have to try and find the Indonesian equivalent.

Off to see a Merseybeat band from Tokyo tonight, The Neatbeats! Should be interesting. I picked up a couple of their cds from a market a few months ago and nearly dropped my bacon sandwich when I saw they were playing in Osaka! Gonna try and fashion a quiff and get my drainpipes on. Or I might just wear my Beatles t-shirt and be done with it.

Forgot to mention, for Aki’s birthday a few weeks ago we went to our favourite Kobe steak restaurant for lunch, and this time had the more expensive genuine Kobe steak. This cow was massaged every day and was given a bottle of beer just before she was sent off to become our steak.

Kobe Steak

Kobe Steak

So thats what £100 (¥20,000) of steak looks like!
Our Chef

Our Chef

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