JLPT 2008

Last Sunday was the Japanese Language Proficiency Test which I seem to have been studying for, for years.
Or at least the last 10 months of this year. It’s over now! Yay! (At least until next July when I have to retake it).

I took Level 2 again after getting an impressive 25% last year (you need 60% to pass). Have to say a little bit more confident this year, I’m hoping for nearer 40% 🙂

It was strange last, year, I had lots of time at the end of the exam – due to not being able to read anything on the paper (it’s obviously all in Japanese) – I just guessed most of the answers without attempting to read the questions much. This time I ran out of time!

Because I could actually read some of the questions and even the answers it slowed me down a lot.

The essay questions were still impossible. Got to the end of the article and had no idea what it was on about.

And there was no “which monkey is it?” in the listening test this year which is still my favourite exam question of all time. (Guess you had to be there).

Find out the results in February and thankfully from next year there doing the tests twice a year instead of once so I have double the opportunity to fail 🙂

It’ll be nice to not have to read Kanji flash cards in bed before sleeping or while standing on the train. I can catch up on my books.

(Started the very funny Alex James (Blur) biography – have to dig out their albums again).

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