Hiking? On a Monday?

The other week we went hiking! This is not something I would usually do, due to it being tiring, and, well tiring. But hiking we did. (We had a bank holiday monday so what else are you going to do?)

We walked for about an hour from our house up hill in the direction of Rokko Mountain, through the expensive neighbourhood with garages bigger than our apartment, and I was just about to ask Aki if we were near the end yet, when she told me we were nearly at the beginning!

Then we hit the mountain proper. It was proper steep with like rock steps and stuff, and at one point there was a chain you had to hold on to to pull yourself up the really steep bit.

I felt I was going to pass out and die on at least 5 occasion – excessive exercise is not something I’ve chosen to do since…um…anyway…on we trekked.

However it was worth it, as the of Ashiya and the surrounding area was gorgeous.

View of Ashiya

View of Ashiya

(Photo taken with my phone so not the best).

Our apartment is in front of those big lego looking buildings in the background).

Also we came very close to wild boar!

Baby Wild Boar

Baby Wild Boar

Which were very cute.

After about an hour or so from “the beginning” we got to the top, had lunch, (an onigiri – rice ball filled with fish and wrapped in seaweed) and headed down the other way to the beer vending machine at the bottom and the haagen daz shop đŸ™‚

After my heartbeat and breathing returned to some level of normality I decided it was quite fun, and we’re off to a different part of the mountain tomorrow for some more…

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