Global Financial Crisis and the Japanese Answer

In case you haven’t read the news there’s a bit of a financial crisis going on, shares going down, people losing jobs, houses, vast fortunes, small fortunes, etc.

Some countries are doing drastic things to counter this. America giving big banks and corporations huge amounts of money, New Labour in Britain showing hints of it’s socialist past by nationalizing banks, and then there’s Japan…what are they doing?

You got to love this country 🙂 In amongst the proposed tax cuts, interest rate cut from 0.5% to 0.3% and other financial stuff I don’t understand. The government has proposed giving every family person in the family!

¥12,000 (about £60-70 depending on which day of the week they give it)!

To promote spending!

Although this hasn’t been reported in the English language papers yet, they been interviewing people on the street on Japanese tv, and it seems most people are going to have a slap up meal at Mrs. Miggins pie shop 🙂
(That’s a Blackadder reference for those that don’t get it).

Can’t wait! 🙂

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