Are you sure you need ¥12000?

Some developments have been occurring over the Japanese Governments free handout of ¥12,000.

Basically they’ve been squabbling over it in the Diet (Japanese parliament), mainly over who’s going to pay for the administration of it all.

Seems it was poorly thought out to begin with. However two things look pretty likely…

1) Foreigners (that’d be me then..) won’t get it unless they have permanent residency. Doh!

2) There’s gonna be a income limit – those who earn over ¥20,000,000 a year (£138,000!) are being asked to “Voluntarily” refuse to pick up the money.

Which is nice.

Unfortunately however, on a tv report the other day, “poor” people said they were going to pay the gas, electricity bills or pay off loans or save it. Smart.

The “rich” people said….it’s not enough! They want more. I guess rich people are the same the world over eh.

None of this will happen till March next year anyway.

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