Woah o wo-oh, yeah yeah yeah, we’ll see you in Osaka next year!

The next on our list of live bands was Scouting For Girls. A favourite of Aki, in particular “She’s so Lovely” (mine is “Michaela Strachan“), we were very excited and a bit surprised when they cropped up on the Osaka gig list.

The venue was the “never been to before but great venue”, Shangri-la, a tiny one room venue with the bar in the middle and a capacity of maybe 100.
Took me back to the days of seeing Contempo, Gene, and numerous other bands in dingy pubs in Egham, Staines, etc.

Ironically, at this concert there was only 2 gaijin (me and another English guy – no relation), although we didn’t stand out as much as there was only 50 people at this gig.

We like Scouting for Girls but have never actually seen any pictures or videos of them, so had no idea what to expect, and were a little bit shocked when 4 geeks came on, hyperactive and looking very excited at being allowed to play instruments on stage! 🙂 I don’t mean to be rude, as I’m a geek myself (or otaku as they say here), but at least I’ve learnt not to tuck my lumberjack shirt into my jeans!

Anyway, the initial shock was very soon replaced by joy when a blindingly fun gig kicked off. Lots of singing along and chanting (amazingly nearly every japanese person there knew every single word! there’s something magical about hearing a room of mainly Japanese women shouting out “She’s a pain in the ass!” 🙂 )

The lead singer danced like a lunatic and they were all obviously have a great time, and as one of their new songs goes as we all sang along, “We’ll see you in Osaka next year!”

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