Ulfuls and a Month of Music

It’s been quite a good few weeks as far as concerts go for me recently. Typical, nothing for ages and then 3 come along at once.

The first was back at the end of August, when the “occasionally lovely” Andy, took me to see the Ulfurls in Osaka. (Told you I’d write about it eventually Andy!) It was a belated stag-do/birthday present as we never got a chance before my wedding.

Ulfuls (urufurus ウルフル in Japanese)

are a HUGE Osakan band and every year they have a big outdoor concert, this year was near Expoland (think I may have blogged about expoland before, not sure).
Don’t know what the name means, but it has the marvellous characteristic of being almost impossible to pronounce in English and Japanese (unlike Dragon Ash, Doping Panda, SMAP and other more “sensibly” named bands)

It’s obviously extremely popular and tickets are gold dust, and we had “guest” tickets so could skip all the thousands of queuing Japanese people (we only saw one other gaijin there) and jump to the front, which was nice.

A great, fun concert ensued with much drunken dancing (by 2 scary gaijin), and lots of crowd singing. One amusing highlight for us, is upon returning from a trip to the toilets on the other side of the field, we couldn’t find our place. But were added by some nice Japanese people who pointed and said “You’re over there”.

Guess everyone knew where the 2 gaijin in a crowd of 50,000 were 🙂
I highly recommend checking out the Ulfuls (lots of videos on YouTube), good fun tunes. Have a listen to “Sun Sun Sun“, “Osaka Strut” and “Ashita ga aru” – my karaoke favourite.

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