Radiohead Osaka Gymnasium Oct 2nd 2008

The final gig of our musical month was Radiohead in Osaka last week. And marvellous it was too.

Typical though, the first time a venue in Japan has allowed people to take photos (usually banned) and I don’t bring my camera! Did have my phone so managed to take a couple of poor quality pics…

Radiohead Live Osaka 2008

Radiohead Live Osaka 2008

Radiohead Live Osaka 2008

Radiohead Live Osaka 2008

Radiohead Live Osaka 2008

Radiohead Live Osaka 2008

This was obviously a bit different to the Scouting for Girls and Ulfuls gigs! A bit of an intense emotional set, with a stunning light show and the best use of video at a concert I’ve seen (behind the band, looking like a promo video, as opposed to the usual screens at the side).

Usually at gigs with big screens I seem to end up watching the tv more than the stage, but here you could see both at the same time. Nice.

A 2 hour set, mainly based on their later albums and the weird dance/electonica beats, but interspersed with some good rock tunes (my highlight being my favourite “Just”).

One thing about Japanese gigs (of this size) is how organised they are. We were in the standing arena, which is then segmented off with barriers into about 10 or so areas of about 4 or 5 people deep – so there is no rushing to the front! And you get the view that your ticket is allocated for. Also, usually at the end, they file people out, block by block, to avoid congestion and a rush to the exit.

Another interesting thing at smaller venues is they let people in, in the order of the ticket numbers, you buy ticket number one, you go in first. Which is nice, if a little odd as once inside (a small venue) you can go wherever you want.

Any road up, back to Radiohead. Great set, great tunes, and some erratic dancing and wit from Thom Yorke (less emotionally distraught and intense in between songs, than he is when singing).

No more gigs lined up, although Mogwai are playing in January…

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