My Birthday

Wow, it’s been ages since I blogged anything, never have time to get online these days.

Last month (for ’tis now September!) was my birthday and a splendid time was had by all (well mainly me, as Aki just got to watch me drink 11 beers in 2 hours in a beer garden on top of a department store in Kobe).
Still, I’m sure that was fun for her.



This was the view of the Kobe Shinbun (newspaper) offices and a cloud from my seat in the beer garden. Not that exciting but thought I’d show you it anyway.

After the garden we went to the recently opened Hobgoblin pub in Kobe the first one to be opened in Kansai (there are 2 in Tokyo). For those that don’t know the Hobgoblin chain is run by Wychwood breweries in England, and one of them was in fact my local in my hometown, and many an hour was spent in it’s confines over the, wow, 17years I’ve been going there.

A lot of “English” or “Irish” pubs in Japan are run by Japanese people/companies, and bear little resemblance to the real thing, so I was very pleased to see that it did actually look and even feel a bit like an actual pub. It’s run by an English guy called Simon so that helps. They had Magners, Speckled Hen and even Pork
Scratchings! Splendid.

We didn’t eat there, but the menu contained fish and chips (and unlike in the Hub – another english pub here, actually looked like fish and chips), full english breakfast!!! and on Sundays for 4000Y (about 20quid) you can get a full english traditional roast! Yes, I did say, 20 quid – almost London prices huh? We’re saving up for that special treat. Apologies to Hobgoblin, went back the other day, and there was a mis-reading – the Roast is actually only 1400Yen (about 7 quid). The 4000Y menu was for a “party”. Oops. Will be going back much sooner to try it out
Things were starting to get blurry and I was starting to buy things like pork scratchings in a wave of nostalgia, so we headed back to our favourite wine bar (Petit Emilion) for some birthday cake.

Birthday Cake 2008

Birthday Cake 2008

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