My New Phone – Softbank 923SH

Softbank 923SH

Softbank 923SH

After 2 and a half years, I finally upgraded my phone (which was a “free” one, so although did all the necessary things a phone does, make calls, texts, take photos, etc, wasn’t quite as “cool” and hi-tech Japanese as I had hoped)…

Well now I have the latest Softbank 923SH which has amongst other things, TV! (One-seq tv is quite big here recently), GPS(!!), cool games, wide-screen video and photo capture, and what every phone needs, a pedometer!

It’s gorgeous. And as you can see from the picture above, it flips up like a normal clam phone, then you can slide the top screen round to a widescreen format.

Obviously had to sign up for a 2 year contract, but it’s great so far…well it does have a couple of problems….

For some reason the “predictive” text doesn’t do any predicting even when activated, the headphone socket is infuriating (the flap covering the socket and the headphone connector seem to fight each other, so it takes a few minutes to connect – or maybe it’s just my fat gaijin fingers), and can’t quite work out the quick and easy shortcuts – although to be fair, the manual was a weighty tome in Japanese, and the English was just a quick A4 sheet covering basics, so I’m sure it does everything i want, if I can find out how.

The most annoying thing however is when the numbers were transferred over from my old phone, most of them lost the names!
So I have a list of about 20 numbers with no idea who they attach to. So if anyone I know in Japan reads this (in particular, Rodney and Steve – hi), can you email or text me with your number, as I’ve lost your details.

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