Meeting Friends in Kyoto and an embarassing restaurant experience

The other week we met up with some friends in Kyoto, the lovely Richard, and the even lovelier Clo. They were in Japan for a week and managed to get to Kyoto for a couple of days.

We caught up with them on a hot, humid day for lunch at a great noodle shop in the back streets of Kyoto. It was nice to see 2 sweating, smelly, Englishmen struggling with the sweltering heat (about 36ish in Kyoto these days) and humidity (about 110%), while the 2 hardly perspiring ladies floated along in the warmth.

After Noodles in Kyoto

After Noodles in Kyoto

I didn’t have time to photoshop out my belly, so just try not to look at it please.

Aki and I had planned to go to a very nice (i.e. posh) Italian restaurant in Umeda, Osaka (the Salvatore I think it’s called), that some friends (hi Gav and Max) had taken me to a few weeks before. It was so posh, the waiters had proper full on waiter uniforms and spoke a mix of Italian and Japanese.
They also have a dress code..and as you can see from the picture, I’d not worn my tux to Kyoto…shorts, sandals, etc.

Well we decided to try anyway, and finally I had one of those movie scenes where the snooty Maitre d’ peers down his nose at the shabby dressed customer, and asks him politely to leave…well not quite.

A very nice lady, asked us to wait, then, while apologising profusely (I think, couldn’t follow all the Japanese, but the body language was apologetic), told us I couldn’t wear shorts and sandals but they had some trousers and shoes I could change into!! And they did, and unbelievably (bearing in mind my feet are about 29cm’s which is off the chart in Japan), they fitted!

I was led into the toilets, asked to change and then escorted to our table. A fantastic meal ensued which was much cheaper than it should have been – it was one of those places where the waiter explains what’s on the plate just before you stuff it in your mouth – the food and wine were excellent!

Highly recommended if you’re ever in Osaka, it’s in the Herbis building near the Hilton hotel.
(Will try and confirm the name)

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