Got a concerned email from this blog provider, wondering if I was okay, apparently it’s been over a month since I last blogged!

Doesn’t time fly, especially when you’ve got a wedding to go to.

Just got back from England and our wedding ceremony. It was kind of a fake wedding, as we got married in Japan 4 months ago, but we wanted a big family and friends gathering to celebrate with everyone.
Aki got to wear a beautiful dressing and looked absolutely gorgeous. And my brother got to be a priest for the day and married us.

Wedding Cake Figures

Wedding Cake Figures

It was a fantastic day at the Mitre Hotel opposite Hampton Court, everything went right and pretty sure everyone had a really good time. If you were there, thank you for coming! The highlight for me (other than seeing my wife walk down the aisle of course), was everyone’s reaction to our first dance.

We chose “You know my name (look up my number)” by the Beatles, and choreographed our own little dance, which included Bon Dori (traditional Japanese dance for Obon – summer festival). After the BonDori we broke into the Prince Charming!
Which got a big cheer. We didn’t realize it’s been on a tv commercial in
England recently, guess that’s why people recognized it. 🙂

Flew back a couple of days later, and now back to work.

Still, got a 3 day weekend now, and it’s the Ashiya Matsuri (festival) so there’s fireworks tonight! yay.

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