And there’s still more NOVA news…

I got a voice message last week, from some guy at head office of Nova, asking me if I wanted my old job back!

Apparently they’re pretty short staffed in Hyogo (the ‘county’ – or ken in Japanese, where I live).

Not sure if this is because they (allegedly) sacked or forced to leave (by making conditions unbearable) many of the teachers in the rural areas, but kept the schools open, so now have to ship people out of the city schools into the country thus leaving the city schools understaffed…(bizarre businees model), or that people are just leaving in droves (especially as apparently despite the Japanese humidity and summer heat, 37degress in Kyoto(!) there’s a limit on air conditioner usage to save money).

I didn’t call him back, but then a few days later, one of the Japanese staff from my old school called me up (a new lady, didn’t know her), also asking me if I wanted to come back. When I told her “”, she burst out laughing (maybe she gets that reaction a lot), said she understood, and we parted very amicably, both still laughing at the absudity of it all.

Mind you, who knows what the future holds, maybe I shouldn’t go burning too many bridges….

Also in the news this morning, Monkey Bridge (Sahashi, the ex nova president, currently indicted on embezzling over 300million Yen from his company), will not be charged with “intentionally” not paying all the staff.
Guess he really did mean all those bizarre faxes he sent out to us…

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