Is That Beer?

Things have been a bit difficult financially recently, mainly due to getting “married” in England in less than two months, which as everyone knows is very expensive, plus the extra cost of including a “holiday” to another country (and I don’t mean the honeymoon), so not much surplus cash kicking around.
Therefore I’ve cut down my beer intake 🙁

The other day, really fancied a beer on the way home so bought a can of happoshu from the vending machine near my house.

What’s happoshu? I hear you cry. Well, pretty sure it’s only a Japanese thing, but here there are 3 types of beer. Beer, fake beer and even faker beer.

When I say beer, I mean lager (not ale or bitter like in Europe), although you can get dark beer which I guess is like a stout. Anyway, so there’s beer, like Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, etc

Then there’s the fake beer. This is called happoshu. It’s about half the price, only ¥150 for a can, but this is because it’s made of peas, or beans or god knows what.
Has a bizarre metallic aftertaste, and fairly undrinkable, but despite that it’s pretty popular here. The best one I’ve found is called Diet (low calorie happoshu). Used to actually drink that a lot, and eventually got quite used to it.

The can I bought the other day was made by Sapporo, and, well, it sure wasn’t beer, but ¥80 cheaper than a can of Kirin 🙂

Then there’s the even faker beer. And I have no idea what that is made of! Probably grass or something, not barley and hops, that’s for sure. It’s even cheaper and I haven’t risked any yet. Should do in the name of research though eh.

One (of the many) good things about Japan is that not only is the food seasonal here, so’s the beer, so every month or so you get a new kind of beer, or a limited edition beer. Always good to try.

I’m in the process of putting together a website, mainly for wine, but also for beer and sake that will have reviews on it. Another good excuse to try them out! (After the wedding that is!).
(Here’s a link to the website – )

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