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Heard from some friends still suffering at G-Com/Nova the other day.

Seems like things haven’t improved…all the non English teachers (German, French etc) were fired at the beginning of the month, the Chinese teachers have been “demoted” to staff, which means less pay and longer hours.

The number of students per class has gone up to 5, bearing in mind the booths used for teaching are about the size of a broom cupboard, you can imagine how unpleasant that will be in the Japanese summer humidity!

If you call in sick three times in one month, you’re fired!

And they’ve increase the ratio of teachers to students in a school, so they’re aren’t enough teachers to cover them all now.

Also, I’ve heard of one case of a teacher being given one days notice to move from Osaka to Nagoya (imagine being suddenly asked to up sticks and move from London to Birmingham the next day).

I heard the other day that the last of my ex-Koshien school friends has finally given up and quit after being messed around and constantly shipped off to other schools.

Bizarrely, with all this mess going on, there was a news report in a Japanese paper (not yet appeared in an English language one), that they are planning to expand the number of schools to 5 times! this year.

They’ve opened up recruitment offices in America, Australia and Ireland (although, not England).

Hope prospective teachers are warned before they get on the plane…

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