Me and Nova are no more

Finally it’s come to an end.

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I got my paperwork through from the administrators dealing with the bankrupt Nova.

This included my tax report plus the all important unpaid wages claim forms! The government are going to pay me back 80% of my 2 months unpaid salary from Nova, which is certainly better than nothing, and will go a long way to paying my contribution to our wedding!

So I checked it, signed it and sent it off, expecting the 6 week wait (as told) before getting my money. Well, the Japanese may love their paperwork (everything here is done in triplicate, hanko’d (stamped with a seal) signed, and hanko’d again), but I have to admit once they have their precious documents, they’re quick! About 10 days later a nice lump sum was deposited in my account (same day as my salary, so my bank manager got a bit of a surprise I think).

The next day it all came out, and went in the marriage slush fund but still.

And so, my ties with Nova are no more. 🙂 (Fingers crossed).
At least I thought so…last Friday I noticed on the 3rd floor of the office building next to my work a huge Nova display! Then this week, the flags are out and it’s open for business. I couldn’t believe it (this is the same day that G-Com who took over Nova are in the papers for not re-employing people they said they would, and sacking anybody closely involved with the union it seems).

Now everyday, I’m gonna walk past the school and everyone will think I’m a Nova teacher 🙁
On the way home tonight I saw two flourescent yellow Nova jacket clad gaijin, seemingly escorting a young lady to the school host-like. That’s Japanese male host-like (a male version of a hostess but with bigger hair and more jewellery and the ability to drink a bottle of brandy a night), not an insect world, discovery channel larvae host.

oh well. Still at least it keeps my fellow gaijin in work. Solidarity brothers!

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