Bettys Mayonnaise and the New Halfs

The other week we met up with some old Nova people, and went off to Bettys Mayonnaise.

This is quite a famous (around here) post-op trans-sexual “revue” bar.
Post-op trans-sexuals in Japan are called “New Half”s in Japanese, as I guess, they have a new half. Makes sense doesn’t it, kind of.

Not sure if the plural is New Halves though, or New Half’s…my English is getting worse!

New Halves were very popular in Japan about 10 years ago, often appearing on the awful evening variety shows that take up most of Japanese tv time, and this bar was pretty famous around then, one of the girls we spoke to was on tv quite a lot back then.
Although she was quite bitter about the experience, as basically they were just on tv to be stared at and mocked – picking the new half out of a line up, etc. etc.

Anyway, back to the show…marvelous! It costs ¥5000 each, but that includes a show and “Nomihodai” – drink all you want, for most of the evening. (Drink selection was small, but included whiskey, shochu and brandy – unfortunately I was working the next day, but the others managed to finish off a couple of bottles).

Before the show, the ladies wander round and chat with the customers and pour their drinks. Some of them could manage a few phrases in English, and all were very friendly and quite funny.

The Very Pretty New Half

The Very Pretty New Half

Men weren't allowed to touch though

Men weren't allowed to touch though

Most of them did look like men that had become women but some of them were very convincing. And all were incredibly thin, with great legs!

The show was about an hour long, and involved a few scantily clad dance routines, a magician and a very funny comedian, sorry, comedienne, and ended with a full strip finale. Marvellous. (Beggars can’t be choosers…it’s the only strip show my wife will allow me to go to! :P)

Highly recommended as a fun, entertaining night out, if ever you’re in Osaka! We plan to go back some time, maybe when friends visit from England…if any of my friends out there are reading and tempted…;)

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