Working in a Japanese Office

Well it’s been 3 weeks now, at my new job. And it’s been a tough three weeks!

Japanese companies have a lot of rules are “procedures” that western companies, lets face it, don’t.

For example, when you leave the office to go to lunch or out for a meeting etc, you have to say “Ittekimasu“, which kinda means, “I’m going out, and I’ll be back“, to which everyone has to reply, “Itterashiai“, which means “Thanks for telling me, have a nice time and we’ll see you later“, or something.

Then when you leave at the end of the day, you have to say, “Sakki ni shitsurei shimasu“, – “Excuse me for leaving before you“, and everyone calls back, “Otsukuresama“, which is, “Thanks for you’re effort, you must be tired.“, or something like that.

There are a few other things people call out, for example at the beginning at end of the morning and evening meetings people say stuff, but still haven’t worked out what it is, so I just sort of mumble something that sounds similar.

There’s also obviously, being Japanese, various levels of formal language and business language, which are either longer versions of casual Japanese, or completely different. e.g. “Wakarimashita” is, “I understand“, “Wakatta” is casual, and “Kashikomarimashita” is what you say to the boss or a customer.
Kashikomarimashita????” what’s that all about.

I had my welcoming drinks party last night, went to an Izakaya with 3 work colleagues and drank and ate a lot. Then on to a bar for more drinking and more eating! Japanese people don’t stop eating all evening! Never seen so much food. I guess it’s like the Spanish and their tapas, lots of small dishes and snacks, to compliment the whisky cocktails.

They paid for everything at the izakaya and we split the costs in the bar, so a pretty cheap night out đŸ™‚

It’s the weekend now, so gonna try and relax a bit.

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