Waiter there’s an Eye in My Soup

Since I’ve been at my new job, we’ve been going out for lunch every day, and most of the time to different restaurants – it’s right in the heart of Umeda (Osaka), kind of the central place, so full of restaurants.

In the first 2 weeks, we only visited the same place once! So everyday I’ve been having different food, which has been exciting, but with some surprises.

Just a few days ago, I had an Indiana Jones moment…not the “kickin’ Nazi ass” kind (or rather “kicking Nazi arse”), but the, “What the hell is that in my soup” variety.

You get soup with nearly every Japanese meal (miso soup of some variety), this one had large chunks of fish in it, and was pretty tasty. I noticed a rather odd looking chunk, so poked it with my chopsticks…it rolled over to reveal an eye, it was a fish’s head! (I’m sure Chun would appreciate that). Apparently it’s the best bit of the fish, and the other people were a bit jealous! I on the other hand, couldn’t eat anymore.

I had to explain to them, I was English, and, well, we don’t do fish’s eyes.

Went back there on Friday, and no head this time, so could eat the soup đŸ™‚

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