Godzilla vs Aliens

It’s a bit of a silly season in Japan politics at the moment (or so it seems), there’s been a discussion in the Diet (parliament) about Aliens.

As you may know, the Japanese constitution (as put together by the Americans after WWII), doesn’t let them have a military, so they cannot attack other countries, they can only defend. Hence it is called the Defence Force (not the army), and that’s why they need American help so much in terms of military power.

Anyway, there’s been a discussion this week about what to do if Aliens land! One minister was quoted a couple of days ago as saying, if Aliens arrive they cannot attack them as they are from “another country”
(unless they attacked first), but if Godzilla was to appear in Japan, they could do what they want with him, as he is Japanese! This is true, and marvellous.

I think it has to do with a more realistic problem of changing the constitution but you gotta love it.

In the paper today, the Secretary General of one party, Yukio Hatoyama has asked people to stop discussing the aliens, as it’s all fantasy (although, apparently he is often called an “alien” because of his appearance!, so maybe that’s why he wants them to stop). đŸ˜‰

Anyway, Merry Christmas! (We’re having our Christmas today, as we’re both working on Tuesday).

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