Nova Saved?

It seems the lawyers taking over from Nova have found a sponsor. There was a big meeting on Saturday at head office in Osaka, video linked up to the Tokyo office and 24 other locations around Japan (quite impressive).

The lawyer told us what he’d been up to and the state of Nova affairs (apparently on the day he took over, Nova didn’t have enough money to run the business for one day, and sales were ¥0!).

We were then introduced to the (young) president of the Sponsor company G-Communications (they run cram schools and buy up and save businesses it seems). Seemed very optimistic. G-com have said they will “in principle” take on all the Nova instructors and staff, and even if they can’t find a school for us (they’re only opening 30 to begin with, Nova had up to 900), and we have to stay at home, then we will still get full pay.

Sounds too good to be true!

I signed up (a form requesting re-employment), there are supposed to be short interviews this week, and if given the green light, we can start working in the next few days…we wait and see…

Today, I had my first interview in Japanese! Now, that was fun, not.
Surprised myself actually, how much I understood, or rather, how much I think I understood. It’s hard enough finding correct answers in interviews in your native language, let alone finding the answers with very limited vocabulary and grammar!

Still, it was my 2nd interview at the company (the first was in English), and went reasonably well considering.

Will get an answer this week…we wait and see…

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