Jim The Salaryman

First day of work in a Japanese office! First day as a salaryman. (Salaryman is Japanese English for (Male) office worker).

Commuting with all the other salaryman at 8 this morning got to my work early so I could be shown around.
It’s a small company, only about 11 people, but only one guy speaks English (he’s half Spanish). The boss speaks English, but doesn’t want to with me – wants me to get up to speed with my Japanese! Yikes.
Every morning there’s a meeting, and I had to give a brief introduction – very embarassing (and I found out later, I should have stood up. No-one told me. Doh!).

It gets worse. Next week I have to give a 5 minute “omoshiroi speechi” – interesting speech. On anything I want. Double yikes!

The work itself is fine, so far a doddle, except that the pc is obviously in Japanese, and it’s using Windows Vista – which I’ve not used before, and it’s shockingly different to XP, so I don’t know where anything is, and I have to learn the Japanese for all the options.
Microsoft have even f%!&ed about with Word to make it seemingly, less user friendly, so it takes me ages to use that aswell. Doh!

Nice people in the office though, went to lunch with a couple of them to a small Japanese restaurant. One of those where you put ¥500 in a machine, which spits out a receipt and you give it to the waiter, and about 2 minutes later he gives you a plate of TonKatsu (deep fried Pork cutlet), rice and miso soup. I think it might be their regular lunchtime haunt. Guess I’ll be going there a lot.

Brain’s all shot to pieces now, but got to do a bit of studying before bed. Gambarimashoo!

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