Hello Work!

It struck me just the other day, as I was going to the dole office for my 2 hour seminar on how to claim the dole, that sometimes the Japanese can take a dull thing and pick some cute English and make the whole thing seem quite nice.

In particular, the dole office, Department of Health and Social Security, etc. is called, Hello Work.

Hello Work! How are you?
Good? Well me too, thanks, sitting on my arse watching Japanese variety shows was beginning to suck, come in and have a cup of tea.

Well I can say now, Hello Work.
The Japanese company I had the Japanese interview with the other day, said yes – or rather Hai. I start Monday! aarrghh. Bit soon.

This period of unemployment has been the busiest I’ve ever had, only had 2 lie in’s in 2 odd weeks, and sometimes had to get up at 6am (I’ll get on to that in a minute).

Very scary. My Japanese is way not good enough, got to “step up my game” as Americans tend to say. Apparently I might have to go to morning meetings each day, and understand what’s going on! Bugger. Still, very excited about the job (and about having a job!).

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